Prowena s.r.o.

Jsme obchodní firma, která obchoduje s pšenicí, řepkou a ostatními komoditami v tuzemsku i zahraničí
Kněževes 196, 252 68 Středokluky
mobil +420 603 480 346, +420 630 531
tel. +420 220 950 014, tel./fax +420 220 950 351
IČ 26423685

PROWENA Ltd. Company profile

Our company has been working in the field of the Czech market with agricultural commodities since 2001. Ing. Martin Weigl, the executioner ofthe company, has been active in this line ofbusiness since 1992 as a natural person. Expansion ofthe bussiness and legislative changes required founding a company - an artificial person.
The aim of our company is to provide distribution of agricultural products from the basic industries to domestic fabricators or to provide the export outside the Czech Republic. Our customer composition consists of companies with a long tradition, good image and quality payment morals. The long-term cooperation needed the introduction of ISO9001 :2001 quality system in the year 2003.
The company is not only trying to cooperate with the customers, but puts an accent on the cooperation with the suppliers as well. Cooperation with the selected range of suppliers therefore gives space for quality future deliveries to the fabricators.
On the contrary we pro vide supplies of the pasturage and feed compound components (domestic and foreign feeding grain and extracted pollard) to the agricultural basic industry. Since 2002 we provide harvest works with Claas and FEND harvesters.
developed by: Ondřej Kolafa